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Fascia, one of the largest, yet most unrecognized connective tissues of the body, craves movement & hydration - which becomes lost in the repetitive movements, business, and sedentary lifestyles frequently found in today's world.  Fascial tissue is found throughout every system of the body; functioning as a 3-D scaffolding system that supports the structural integrity of the body by providing protection, shock absorption, and a highway of communication for sensory input to the brain.  Myofascial pain is most often generated from one of two sources - either skeletal muscles or connective tissues that are constricted by tight fascia, or from damaged myofascial tissues.

This workshop opens with a discussion of the physiology and theory behind Self-Myofascial Release (SMR), bringing awareness to some of the common, habitual patterns of physical tension, and exploring how these habits also influence and reflect patterns of mental and emotional tension.  The second half of this workshop is dedicated to "rolling" through a SMR sequence to ease common areas of resistance.  Come explore the body, mind, and emotions that often become "stuck" in the connective tissues of the body - roll, release, and restore body, mind, and spirit!

Lori works from the intention to share self-care tools and knowledge with her clients and community.  She combines her skills as a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Occupational Therapist to expand awareness, understanding, and build compassion for self, others, personal situations, the community, and environment.  Lori completed Vinyasa, Yin, and SMR Trainings with @yogaworks and @samdhana_yoga on the southern coast of Morocco in 2017.

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