Sunday 2:30pm-4:30pm // October 29th

The political climate we are in right now is intense and challenging, and it is bringing to the surface many deep-held emotions and experiences, especially for women.

This Sunday is a very special women’s circle at Arrow Heart Yoga. Facilitated by Taryn Longo, we will create a safe and confidential space for women to come and process their emotions, their anger, their fears, and the often triggering effects of the #metoo movement.

Only when we go into our innermost content do we become free from it. We need to honor the layers of emotions we feel so that we can process and move forward. What goes unprocessed carries with us. What gets processed becomes an opening.

Right now we have the opportunity to create openings for us to move through as women, both individually and in the collective. Circles like this are an important movement towards that.

See you Sunday!

$25/Class OR 6-Pack for $120

Please register for the class through the schedule & purchase passes here:

Women's circles are a foundational piece to the women's empowerment movement. They provide a space to connect to your true voice and for that voice to be heard with respect and honor from other women. It is also a space to practice conscious listening to and learning from other women, a skill that carries into all of our relationships and increases our level of connection to others. Each circle is centered around a theme, and the conversation is facilitated by Taryn, an expert facilitator, to provide a safe and strong container. It is a space for support, a place to process issues specific to women's lives, a space for community, and yes, even a space for laughter. You will leave the circles lighter, more free from the challenges you carry inside, and more grounded in who you are. Women’s circles connect us and our experiences, because we are stronger together.

Women’s Circle Workshop is open to all those who are women-identified. 

Taryn is a transformational teacher specializing in women’s empowerment and a sought after women’s group facilitator.  She is the creator of Wild Heart Mama, a fountain of resources for a woman's journey of self-discovery, and the co-founder of Birth Transformed, an approach to pregnancy + birth that combines practical knowledge with the cultivation of inner wisdom. Prior to this work, she was the co-founder of Awakened Feminine, an internationally followed women’s movement she facilitated for 4 years. Throughout this period she had the honor of working with thousands of women around the world to support their path of inner growth and to build a global community of non-judgment and support amongst women. Wild Heart Mama is the natural evolution to that work, bringing her into a space to offer meaningful support for women. Taryn is also a Birthing From Within Mentor & Doula, a DONA trained Doula, and co-runs the Ojai Valley Birth Collective. She is the mother of two tiny wild hearts, Jackson Kabir (5 yrs old) and Rabia Sky (2 yrs old).