Melanie Freeman is newly transplanted from Austin, Texas to the great and beautiful state of California. After traveling the country in an ‘83 VW Vanagon, and only knowing Ojai from a magical dream 10 years ago, she finally decided to make Ojai her forever home and open her dream Yoga studio. Melanie loves teaching Yoga and is passionate about a healthy body and an open mind  to circulate a positive vibration throughout your whole life.

"I have learned that having an active body can allow the mind to rest. After years of experience I am in a position to help lead others in this practice of body control, breath movement, and mind clearing by strengthening, lengthening, energizing, and meditating. Yoga is not only a mental and physical exercise, but also an exercise that permeates into other parts of your life."


Lauren Harris leads a poetic, articulate and intelligently-sequenced yoga asana practice. Having unrolled her mat in Alaska, Spain, Nepal, Costa Rica, Thailand and coast to coast across the continental US, she finds the practice of yoga to be a journey home.

She draws upon her extensive massage therapy training and her professional bodywork experience to instruct each pose and sequence with an attention to anatomical alignment and ease. From her perspective, an alignment based practice not only clears the mind, but helps us to practice refining our attention, intention and actions in our daily life.

She hopes to lead you inward with a compassionate and loving presence to remember the wisdom that resides within.


Lyz Merola was living in Meiners Oaks when Arrow Heart Yoga opened up in 2015. She was there on day one as an enthusiastic & regular practitioner. Between a physical job and lots of desk time while in college, a regular yoga practice was an easy choice to find balance. She was so inspired by the caliber of instructors that she took the steps to become a teacher in order to share this joy with others. She trained with Shivakali Yoga and received her 200 hour RYT certification in 2017. She instructs a spirited alignment-based vinyasa class and enjoys pairing the flow with beats to inspire movement.

Lyz has lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California, landing and planting roots in the Ojai Valley. She began her life here as a baker, then followed her love for the natural world outside to work as a vegetable farmer. She currently spends her time between the soil and the mat, finding time to explore the wilderness and identify all it's inhabitants in the meantime. She is an avid naturalist and enjoys combining the physical practice and meditation with a wild environment. 

"There is an infinite potential of wisdom to be gained from the workings of the natural world, as well as the mental, physical and spiritual elements of yoga."

Sat Puran has been a long time student of Kundalini Yoga and is a KRI/ 200 hour RYT/YA certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor since 2000. She has worked with Gurmukh Khalsa and Golden Bridge Yoga for 15 years coordinating their student trips to India and their International Teacher Training program guiding the students through to their certification to become teachers. 

Along with living in the yoga world, SP is a photographer, baker, and traveler. SP has a great love for India, going there at least once a year to soak in the colors, beauty, and amazing culture. 

Sat Puran truly enjoys sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. This shines through in her heartfelt, uplifting, and challenging classes. All are welcome.


Gina Zimmerman has been teaching yoga and meditation for 11 years.  She started practicing while living in New York in her early twenties. Immediately, yoga offered Gina access to life and to wellbeing in a way that had eluded her until that point.  After returning from an ashram in Argentina, she completed her first teacher training, and then moved to LA in 2003.  Gina teaches in a way that is deep and transformative: she is known for her capacity to shift a student’s practice with her subtle articulation and attention to detail. In addition to studio and private classes, Gina leads international and local retreats and workshops.  Gina is a devoted student of meditation and yoga philosophy, as well as subtle anatomy and body wisdom.  She offers sincere gratitude to all of her teachers, as it is in becoming a true student that she can fully embody her roll as teacher. Especially high regards are given to Paul Muller-Ortega (teacher of Blue Throat Yoga), who has shown her how to sit for meditation; how to place the mind on the seat of the heart, and to live from that place.  
Gina now lives in Ojai with her husband and two children; the practice continues.


Clare Knudson grew up in the midwest where she first learned the joy of movement riding horseback through the open plains. She continues to seek this sense of expansion in all she does, and
brings her love for freedom and expression through movement to the practice of yoga. 

Clare began practicing yoga in 2009, and completed her 200hr Teacher Training at the Laughing Lotus in San Francisco in 2011. Clare also teaches and studies Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement which greatly influence her teaching. 

Clare seeks to illuminate the divine within each of her students, while allowing them to steep in the rhythms of themselves and listen to the wisdom of their embodied experience. She is grateful for the opportunity to join the Arrow Heart Team!


Brooke Kettering began practicing yoga in the Iyengar tradition while studying for her BA in psychology at UCSD. She then discovered vinyasa yoga and fell in love with flowing to the beat of one's breath. Brooke began teaching yoga in April, 2011, after learning from a broken wrist that her yoga practice had become an integral and irreplaceable part of her well being. As a lifelong music aficionado, combining music with yoga has always been one of her favorite parts of being an instructor. She strives to always learn more about the mind/body connection. She recently finished her master's degree in Depth Psychology Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Belinda Hill discovered yoga over 15 years ago and quietly began down its path. Drawn ever more deeply into the practice and its’ ability to shape her life in a profoundly positive way, she attained her AIReal Yoga teacher training certificate in 2013 and immediately began teaching. She has found what makes her most happy is helping others and uplifting everyone she comes into contact with to reach their highest potential.  Belinda’s background as a gymnast, dancer, actress, runner, and mother infuses each and every class that she teaches. She lives in Ventura, California with her husband, four children, and mother. She continues to be a student of Carmen Curtis, founder of AIReal Yoga and looks forward to expanding her education.  Seeing the amazing changes and opportunities that opened in her life from the practice, she became a teacher so that she could share the same treasures and wisdom with others. Belinda feels blessed to share the platform of the ancient wisdom of yoga while using a hammock as a prop with her students. Her classes are intuitive, heart opening, uplifting and challenging. She encourages students to re-discover the power within by connecting to their breath, body, mind and soul.  Belinda is delighted to be a part of the first and only AIReal Yoga approved by the Yoga Alliance.  All are welcome, her classes are a refreshing way to prepare and support the body for a strong yoga practice.

“Peace. It is does not mean to be in a place, where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” (unknown)