The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
— Alan Watts

Practicing different postures, breathing, and focusing on an intention is all you have to do.

All our classes are taught in a way that each posture is explained, formed, and held for a moment in time (some longer than others), and then smoothly linked to the next posture to keep a consistent movement and meditation. In this way, we are a Vinyasa yoga studio.

Most of our classes are beginner friendly. We pride ourselves on the ability to teach to whoever shows up that day. Modifications will always be cued as well as helpful adjustments from an experienced instructor.

Enjoy and we're so happy to have you join our #arrowheartfamily!

Flow & Form is our signature class. It consists of forming each posture and then linking them to the next posture with a fluid transition (Vinyasa).

                                All Levels is open for everyone with cued modifications for any level.

                                Strong Flow 2/3 is faster with more advanced postures (arm balances & inversions) worked in for a "power yoga"-like class.

Arise & Flow helps you awaken to your day with energy, fluidity and movement. This is an energizing morning vinyasa class geared to help you set the tone for your day. Open to all levels. 

$7 Community Flow is a fun afternoon vinyasa style class at an accessible rate! At AHY, we believe everyone should have access to wonderful yoga classes so we like to offer this affordable option. Expect our normal and highly competent teachers for a well-rounded class! Open to all levels. 

Beginner/Foundational Flow provides students with ample time and clear, detailed instruction to safely and effectively learn the practice of yoga. This is Arrow Heart Yoga's Beginner 101 Yoga class. This class is a very open, slow, methodical, with space for questions. Learn what works for your body! Don't be shy - our teachers are really kind and are excited to share their knowledge with you! Not only for beginners: just going back to the basics. All levels & prenatal friendly

Restorative is a relaxing, rejuvenating, and mellow Yoga class. We combine the use of bolsters, blankets, and yoga straps and blocks with gravity, deep breathing, and presence to gently open in subtle ways, allowing for a deep and relaxing yoga practice to unfold. These classes are a perfect balance to keep a well-rounded Yoga practice in your life. Students with injuries or who are looking for a more therapeutic approach to yoga will enjoy this class. All levels & prenatal friendly

Core & Flow integrates core principles, proper alignment, strength, flexibility and breath control to unify the body. Through rebalancing old muscle patterns we create stability and freedom of motion in the joints, promoting ease and grace. Great for back pain, rehabilitation. and post natal recovery, this class is challenging in a fun, supportive environment! Open to all levels. 

Evening Flow is our signature vinyasa-style class as the sun sets. An evening practice is generally a bit slower to help lull the body into the transition of the night. Open to all levels. 

Bhakti Chill Flow begins with a simple kirtan practice, utilizing the chanting/singing of mantra to begin to open the body/heart/mind with vibration. A slow flow yoga sequence follows to ground and invigorate the body with great attention to the breath. The class ends with calming stretches or longer-held restorative poses for a perfect, relaxing practice. Open to all levels. 

Kundalini uses breath, movement and mantra to balance the nervous system, inducing a state of calm. This practice aims to open the heart, build strength, and activate the infinite creative potential within you. Known as the “yoga of awareness” Kundalini Yoga effectively helps us to let go of what is not serving our soul and embrace what is. Open to all levels.

Gong Bath is a meditative evening session to reset and recalibrate. Get cozy with props and blankets for a healing 45 minutes - tune in to the sounds and vibrations of the gong. Close with gentle movement and mantra.

Creative Kids Yoga & Movement is a fun, friendly environment for children to move and play. We will learn the importance of connecting with our breath, listening to our bodies, and spacial awareness, through meditation, yoga poses, and free flow movement. This class is appropriate for ages 4-8. Parents will sign a waiver form for their children before the start of class. Open to all levels. 


**Please Note: Our yoga classes are designed for adults (unless they say Kids Yoga). Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult during class and is welcome as long as they participate fully for the entire yoga session. An adult must sign the waiver form for anyone under the age of 18.**

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
— Dalai Lama